Yoga Flow - ENGLISH

Yoga Flow - ENGLISH

April 28, 2021

The Yoga Flow class is a type of vinyasa yoga. During this class we will take time to explore every posture / asana.

The posture sequences, or flows, will be diversified every week. The sequences are practised alongside instrumental music and are both challenging and calming.

Throughout the flow, deep breathing is promoted and modifications will be offered, allowing participants to explore their abilities and limitations. We will take the time to move mindfully and find your correct alignment, supporting a better understanding of your body and how it responds to each yoga posture, as well as relaxing the mind.

This class is suitable for total beginners, but also ideal for more experienced participants who would like to slow down their mind while maintaining a regular yoga practice.

Branksome Centre.
Recreation Road
Poole, BH12 2EB

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